Pricing will increase with each application period

Application Period 
January 23 February 23
     Review Period February 24 March 6
     Applicants will hear back by the end of the review period.

     Application Period February 24 March 16
     Review Period March 17 March 30
     Applicants will hear back by the end of the review period.

     Application Period March 16 until all spaces are filled
     Late applications will be reviewed and processed in the order they come in.


*4 Days of Aloha is a 4 day event however, VENDORS ONLY OPERATE FOR 3 DAYS FROM JULY 21 23*

The following event times are tentative and are subject to change slightly in the event of program changes. Vendors will be notified asap of any time changes.

Location: Esther Short Park Vancouver, Washington

  Friday, July 21………Gates Open 3pm | Event 4 9pm
  Saturday, July 22….Gates Open 9am  | Day Event: 10am 5pm | Concert(Optional) 6pm 10pm
Sunday, July 23…….Gates Open 9am | Event: 10am 5pm


  LODGING: Select hotels will be offering a special event rate for 4 Days of Aloha participants. A list of hotels and their rates will be posted soon.
: FLYING FROM HAWAIʻI? Please use the 4 Days Of Aloha discount code (kekukui) for Hawaiian Airlines to save 5% on your air travels to this yearʻs 4 Days Of Aloha. The code may be used throughout the year as well.
  CARGO SHIPPING: SHIPPING FROM HAWAII? 4 Days Of Aloha is pleased to offer an air cargo discount through our airline sponsor, Hawaiian Airlines. For more information please inquire on shipping from Hawaii to PDX.


  1. Regardless of previous years participation, vendors are required to submit an application to be considered.
  2. The cost of vendor space will increase on February 24 and again on March 17. Vendor costs and price increases will follow this order:

     General Vendor..………………….$700 $725 $750
     Prepared Cold Food Vendor….$950 $975 $1000
     Hot Food Vendor…………………$1300  $1325  $1350

  3. Vendor fees cover your assigned vendor space. The standard vendor space sizes are as follows:

     General Vendor,,.………………….10ʻ x 10ʻ
     Prepared Cold Food Vendor…..10ʻ wide x 20ʻ deep
     Hot Food Vendor……………..…..10ʻ wide x 20ʻ deep

 4. NO REFUNDS will be issued after payment has been processed and vendor application has been accepted. If your application is not accepted, you will receive a full refund. If selecting the pre-register option upon payment, your card will not be charged until accepted.
5. Prepared Cold Food Vendors & Hot Food Vendors are required to pay 15% of gross revenue to Ke Kukui Foundation at the end of the day on Sunday.
6. We reserve the right to select appropriate vendors to ensure a variety of vendors and products.
7. 4 Days of Aloha is held outdoors at the beautiful and historic Esther Short Park and is a RAIN OR SHINE EVENT!
8. Upon acceptance, accepted vendors will need to complete a vendor registration to confirm participation and provide required information.
9. Vendors will receive a vendor packet by July 1st that will include vendor location, check in time, and other important information.
10. Once vendor packets are sent out, we will not be able to respond to any requests including but not limited to rental add ons, switching locations or check in times. Special requests must be submitted with application. Preferred check in time will be requested on vendor registration after acceptance. Please understand that we may not be able to fulfill all requests.
11. Intrusion into unmarked space will not be allowed. Your table must be covered with a cloth or other appropriate covering. All storage containers must be placed out of view under a table or neatly stored in a storage tent. White tarps are required if used.
12. Items not listed on your application will not be allowed to be sold at the event. If you would like to add an item after submitting your application, please send a request to [email protected] Upon approval, your application will be updated.
  13. Any signage or advertising that will be displayed at your booth must be approved. Any advertising that has not been approved will be asked to be taken down or put away.
14. Vendors must follow their assigned check-in time for setup. Breakdown is no earlier than 5:00pm on Sunday. Vendor booths must be OPEN and STAFFED at ALL times during the event.
15. Bagged trash can be left at the trash receptacle nearest to your booth for pickup throughout the day. Vendors are required to have all trash bagged and space cleaned before leaving each day and prior to the closing of the festival on the last day. All cardboard boxes must be broken down.
16. Vendors before, during and after the event will be responsible for providing their own security of “valuables”. Theft and loss are the responsibility of the vendor. We will have security officers patrolling the park area overnight on Friday & Saturday nights. However any items left overnight are at your own risk. If you choose to leave your tent, please drop your tent to the lowest settings or enclose the tent with tarp siding.
  17. By submitting the vendor application, it is understood that in case of: fire, strikes, accidents, transportation contingencies, rain/heat, any causes due to Mother Nature or for any other cause whatsoever beyond our control, Ke Kukui Foundation will not be held responsible for any injury, loss or damages.
  18. Violators of the conditions and terms of this agreement will be asked to cease operating their booth & will forfeit their fee payment. They may also not be allowed to participate in any future Ke Kukui Foundation events.

For any vendor questions please email [email protected]


The following information will be used to contact you regarding your application.


The following information will be reviewed during the selection process. We highly recommend you provide accurate and detailed information as well as quality photos of your products/services.


Please upload photo(s) of your booth set up from past events and/or items for sale.

If youʻd like to provide more than 5 photos in your application, you may upload a ZIP file or send your photos to [email protected]. Your email subject should be: VENDOR ITEMS - "Business Name".

The type of items you offer will be reviewed to ensure it is appropriate for our attendees and to ensure that there is a variety of vendors and products. For the benefit of our vendors, we do our best to limit the number of vendors selling the same type of products.

Food Vendors: You must provide every menu item you plan to serve at 4 Days of Aloha along with the price. Once applications are accepted, you will not be allowed to add or remove any menu items without approval. This is to ensure a variety of menu items. 

General Vendors: You do not have to upload every single item you will be selling but this is your opportunity to showcase the type of products you offer. One photo with various products is acceptable. Please do not include products that you will NOT be selling at 4 Days of Aloha. 


Provide a list of your menu items and pricing for each. 
For general vendors, listing a price range for products that are offered at different styles/types is ok. For example: "Earrings - $15 - $60".  

Please follow this sample format for your item list below:

1. Hats $20
2. Mens Shirts $20 - $30
3. Musubi $2
4. Lilikoʻi Butter $10

If youʻd like to be considered for social media promotions, please upload quality photos or videos of your items and/or business youʻd like to be posted.

If you have multiple images/videos youʻd like to submit, you may upload a ZIP file or e-mail them to [email protected] with the subject titled "VENDOR PROMO - "Business Name".

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